Vacuum blasting method - Negative pressure instead of high pressure 

The vacuum blasting method is significantly different from conventional sand blasting. 
While sandblasting transports the granules with high-pressure on to the surface to be cleaned, the vacuum blasting method sucks its granulates, using negative pressure from the granule container, and accelerates the medium to 400km/h into the jet lance. The high speed of the granules leads to satisfactorily results when removing pollutants and paint. Because of that this minimally-abrasive cleaning technology is also called negative pressure or soft blasting cleaning system. The cleaning equipment cannot be compared with a pressure washer or dry ice blasting. It is a non-damaging eco-friendly process 

Tough on grime, gentle on the environment 

Vacuum blasting concept/principles 
After turning on, the cleaning hood (6) is placed on the surface (8) and adheres to it by vacuum. By inserting the jet lance (7) into the cleaning hood (6) the cycle is closed. 
By gravity the granules (2) pass through from the lower container (1) to a dosing system (3) into the air flow (4). The granules (2) are then transported through a flexible suction hose (5) into the cleaning hood (6). Through the jet lance (7) the granulate gently impacts on the surface (8) to be cleaned. By moving the jet lance (7) the surface can be cleaned quickly and dust-free, stripped or roughened up. The process can be easily monitored and controlled via 3 vision panels (9). After impacting, the granules (2) and the removed dirt particles are sucked back into the vacuum hose. After leaving the vacuum hose (10) the abrasive mixture enters the upper part of the machine. There it is separated using the cyclone principle. The dirt particles are collected in the fine dust filter (11) and the abrasive granules fall into the middle container. To reuse the granules, the flap (12) is opened and the granules re-enter the storage container (1). Coarse particles are kept on the screen (13). The work process begins again. 
Pros and cons of the vacuum blasting method 
Compared to conventional pressure washers the vacuum blasting method of the Tornado ACS has many advantages. Through the high velocity impact, hard substances can be broken up and removed. Contamination like limestone or saltpetre can be easily and thoroughly cleaned without any difficulties. However, soft substances absorb the impact energy so pollutants like chewing gum cannot be removed off a surface with this technology. Also for the operation of this cleaning equipment a dry surface is needed. 
The special cleaning machine Tornado ACS 35 is easy to set up. All components are simply plugged together. After turning on the vacuum generator the abrasive is sucked out of the container into the cleaning head. 
The cleaning machine with its vacuum blasting method Tornado ACS is a great alternative to pressure washers and dry-ice blasting, due to its ease of use, accessibility and gentle cleaning make it the perfect cleaning solution when it comes to green cleaning. 
It should be noted that on heritage protected properties, the minimally-abrasive technology is perfect to use. The cleaning machine Tornado ACS removes pollutants and is gentle on the surface. 
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