As the sole UK distributors of the Tornado ACS system, we are the ONLY choice when it comes to graffiti removal in the Midlands. 

The tornado system is THE MOST environmentally friendly way to remove graffiti as it creates minimal noise with no mess or risk of damage to surrounding areas. This makes it ideal to use in public areas such as high streets or next to water courses where traditional jet washing, blast cleaning or chemical cleaning methods are not suitable. 
The system works using only a standard electric plug, making it ideal for inaccessible areas and eliminates the need for large compressors. The blast media is 100% recycled product and is filtered using an internal and enclosed HEPA filtration system. 
We work with the common goal of fighting the war against vandalism and restoring domestic, commercial and heritage buildings to their former glory. 
Graffiti removal in shopping area with public present 
Graffiti off paint 
Removal from concrete 
Removal from tiles 
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