Tornado ACS Accessories 

There are various accessories and wear parts for the special cleaning machines Tornado ACS. The most important are listed and explained here. 


Package of glass panes (15 pieces) 
The glass panes for the jet cap become opaque over time and have to be replaced occasionally. 
Footseal set (4 pieces) 
The footseals are made of sponge rubber and are attached with hook & loop on to the jet cap. Depending on the application and surface the sponge rubber lasts about 80 operating hours 
Jet lance 
The jet lance will gradually wear as the abrasive media pass through it. Depending on the application the jet lance has a lifetime of 300 - 500 operating hours 
Service Kit 
The service-set includes all small parts that are easily lost or misplaced 

Optional Accessories 

Filter 806 polyester 
The filter is not a wear part. It can be cleaned by putting it into a plastic bag and shaking the dust out of it. This is usually necessary after 3-4 hours usage. 
HEPA filter H14 
The HEPA filter is a special filter which is used for fire damage and mould removal. 
Internal and external corner jet Hoods 
These jet hood adapters enable cleaning on inner and outer 90 degree corners. 
Intersection Adapter 
Usually only required on internal cleaning to deal with three dimensional intersections. 
Large Jet Hood (SH02) 
230 x 260 mm XXL 
Bigger hood so you can work faster (less need to move the hood as often), but it is much heavier. 
Narrow Jet Hood (SH03) 
170 x 100 mm 
Specially developed for smaller and tighter areas. Slatted surfaces like benches with relatively large bar spaces can be cleaned with it. 
Bounceback Sheet 
The bounceback sheet enables metal fences and gates to be cleaned (up to 3cm thick). The sheet is applied from behind the fence and pushed against the jethood seal. 
It can also be used directly onto the jethood to form an enclosure in which small components (up 12cm long) can be cleaned. 
The gasket is used when irregular surfaces prevent the jet hood sealing all round – gaps can be absorbed using the gasket. 
Extension Hose Package 
A 4.5m hose pack if you need to extend or replace the operating hose. 
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